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TJ Stewart was born and raised

in the heart of “Music City USA”

Nashville, Tennessee.

He’s an artist that fans of

Pop Singer-songwriters will instantly fall for. His smooth voice and slick guitar playing

will draw you in; his lyrics, will keep you

coming back for more.

“Music for the heart” music blog compares TJ

to Harry Styles, stating that

“TJ stands out with a soft and controlled voice, and a sound that reminds of U2.” 

Heavily influenced and inspired by artists

such as, John Mayer,

Ed Sheeran, U2, The Fray, and Onerepublic.

In his first EP entitled “Square One”

TJ showed that he can do it all

writing and recording the entire EP on his own. Square One features dazzling solos, unforgettable melodies, and melancholy lyrics about life, love, and loss.

After releasing his 2nd EP

“Everything" in February 2018,

TJ took some time to listen, learn,

write, and reflect.

After tapping into the Pop/R&B side of things

he started experimenting with new sounds;

From spacial pads, to in your face synthesizers! He’d finally discovered

the sound he’d been aiming for.

In his 3rd EP, which is due to be released sometime this year,

TJ is hoping to show the world how

multi-faceted he really is!

Instead of the quiet unassuming

singer-songwriter persona

he’d been known for previously,

he starts to show off.

It’s a more confident sound

that gives you a clue

as to why artists such as Dave Mustaine,

and XM radio host Eric Alper

have given him praise,

not to mention Tweeting about him as well.

“Ear to the ground” music blog affirms that

TJ’s “unhurried” quality

makes his music a pure joy!

And Eric Alper makes the case that Tj 

“Is a singer of tenderness, but also power!” 


What   The Reviewers Say!



“TJ emerges as a singer of tenderness as well as power. Dig it if you like the laid-back grooves of The Fray, U2 and Harry Styles, the bedrock of contemporary pop. Peel back the slick, and see the realness and authenticity right here.”



The comparison to John Mayer is almost too easy to make. TJ Stewart’s style is cool and enjoyable. He has this calm about his approach to the song… maybe the word is “unhurried.” That quality makes his music such a pure joy. The lyrics are about freedom and, as they alter the classic hymn “Amazing Grace,” they seem to have a spiritual element to them. It’s one part blues, one part love song, and a ton of sweetness.



A bit like Harry Styles, here is an artist who goes up quietly, but who makes his place.

He also came from Nashville, Tennessee (like Jesse Labelle, which was presented to you last Friday), TJ stands out with a soft and controlled voice, and a sound that reminds U2 and The Fray.

He tells in his bio that music is his life. And you can hear it in his music, because "Let Me Love You" is full of sincerity and sharing. And we appreciate.

The song is from the "Square One" EP available on Spotify and iTunes, and a new EP called "Everything" is coming soon.

We can't wait to discover the result. TJ Stewart is, in our opinion, an artist to watch and follow.

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